My areas of expertise 🚀

Over the years, I have specialized in certain areas and have constantly developed and improved my skills there to ultimately deliver the best possible results.

Web Design

I have been working with websites and their structure and design for some years now. During this time I have created many different designs for different applications.

Creative Design

In this day and age there are thousands of areas where designs see use. Be it in the social media or in the advertising industry. A creative differentiation from others is the most important thing here.

UI/UX Design

It is important to integrate a high degree of user-friendliness and clarity in the area of application design. Otherwise, users will have problems using or operating the application later on.

Quality ✨

The right team and mates, are the most important things 🤙

Often the best designs are created as a team or through professional feedback. The best thing is that you share your experiences and learn something new every day.

Collected successes up to now

I have experienced a lot in recent years and a lot has happened compared to the past few years. I am really grateful for that and will continue to work hard to improve myself constantly.


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